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External Distinction MA Scholarship

Award Overview

The External Distinction MA Scholarship is designed to recognize and support exceptional students embarking on their graduate journey at AAU. This merit-based award is tailored for high-achieving individuals who have demonstrated outstanding academic performance at institutions other than AAU.

Scholarship AspectDetails
PurposeTo recognize and support top-performing graduates from non-鶹institutions entering a graduate program
EligibilityThe scholarship is exclusively available to newly admitted students who have graduated in the top 5% of undergraduate graduates or as the best graduate at a university other than AAU. This is evidenced by a certificate from their school as part of the 鶹admissions process
BenefitsOffers a 50% tuition discount per semester for the first academic year.*
Application ProcedureApplicants must apply for the scholarship during admission by indicating their interest to the Admissions Department. The department will provide the necessary information and guidelines for submitting the scholarship application
DurationApplicable for the first academic year, regardless of the number of credit hours
RetentionRecipients of the scholarship must commit to remaining enrolled at 鶹for a minimum period of two consecutive academic years.
RepaymentScholarship funds must be reimbursed if the recipient withdraws or takes a leave of absence within the retention period.
Academic ExpectationsScholarship recipients are expected to maintain satisfactory academic progress as determined by the Study and Examination Code. Failure to meet the academic requirements may result in the scholarship being revoked.
Enrollment ChangesThe Dean of Students may grant exceptions in special circumstances
ComplianceAcceptance of the scholarship signifies agreement to adhere to AAU’s terms and conditions, including repayment obligations in specific scenarios in case of failure to meet the retention requirement.
* Term fees not included.

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