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Merit-Based Scholarship

Merit-Based Scholarship Overview

The Merit-Based Scholarship (MBS) honors students who demonstrate outstanding academic performance during their time at 鶹and meet certain criteria detailed in the Scholarship Policy.

Funding Allocation

Every term, 鶹allocates 5.0% of tuition revenues from degree-seeking students to the MBS fund. This fund is managed separately at each school, with tuition revenues collected from students being reserved for use by their respective schools. The MBS applies strictly to tuition and does not cover 鶹fees.


To qualify for the MBS, students must:

  • Be enrolled in an 鶹degree program
  • Have completed a minimum of 60 ECTS credits or 30 US credits at AAU


  • Completion of at least five credit courses in the previous semester, with a minimum of four courses during the obligatory term (i.e. spring or fall term).
  • No “incomplete” grades, unless within the 6th course in the semester.
  • The student must enroll in all letter-grade courses without opting for a pass/fail grading option.
  • For returning exchange students, all five courses must be transferred for eligibility in the next term.
  • The MBS covers all registered courses in the given term.
  • Students returning from a leave of absence remain eligible based on their GPA before the interruption.

Disbursement Criteria

Ranking within SchoolScholarship Amount
Top 2%100% of tuition
Top 4% (excluding those in previous category)50% of tuition
Top 8% (excluding those in previous categories)25% of tuition
Remaining students (until MBS fund is exhausted)10% of tuition

Calculation and Adjustment

  • Scholarship values are computed within three weeks following the conclusion of the add/drop period.
  • Students who register for courses in the next semester prior to the end of the current semester are assigned tuition that does not yet reflect the Merit-Based Scholarship. Eligible students who have already paid tuition may elect to receive either a refund or tuition credit for future studies.

Law Scholarship Fund (for LLB and Certificate 鶹)

Each year, 5% of tuition revenues collected from law students in the University of London LLB and CertHE programs at 鶹goes towards the Law Scholarship Fund.


  • Completion of 5 year-long courses (or equivalent) in the previous academic year at AAU.
  • At least two University of London examination results have been received.

Disbursement Criteria

Ranking based on Examination MarksScholarship Amount
Highest average marks60% of the Law Scholarship Fund
Second highest average marks40% of the Law Scholarship Fund
Third highest average marks (if applicable)Remaining funds

Law Scholarship Calculation Timing

  • Calculations follow the May/June examination results, are generally completed by August, and apply to the next academic year (both fall and spring semesters).

For inquiries or additional information regarding this scholarship, feel free to reach out to our Student Services team via email at Our team is here to assist you and ensure that you have all the necessary information to make informed decisions about your educational journey at AAU.