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Social Scholarship

AAU’s Social Scholarship provides a beacon of support for degree-seeking students navigating financial constraints. By aligning with the Czech accreditation criteria and focusing on those receiving child benefits, 鶹ensures that education remains accessible and inclusive for families that need it the most.

The Social Scholarship is awarded to degree-seeking students under Czech accreditation who are entitled to child benefits under section 17 of the State Social Support Act No. 117/1995 Coll., if the student’s family income for the purpose of the child benefits does not exceed the minimum living income by more than 50%.

Scholarship AspectDetails
DurationScholarships are awarded for the standard period of study for ten months (September to June) in the academic year
ApplicationApplications for the Social Scholarship for the given academic year must be submitted to the Student Services Center by the end of the add/drop period
Income ConfirmationEligibility is proven by written confirmation of family income from the government agency awarding the child benefit, not older than 21 months
Reporting ObligationsStudents are required to inform the Student Services Center about all changes affecting his/her eligibility without undue delay
Scholarship AmountDetermined by the Ministry’s contribution; disbursed via money transfer, paid in arrears
Payment ScheduleTypically paid retroactively for the spring and fall semesters
RestrictionsCannot be paid for months of study interruption, after graduation, or after eligibility condition changes

For inquiries or additional information regarding this scholarship program, feel free to reach out to the Student Services Center at Our dedicated team is here to assist you and ensure that you have all the necessary information to make informed decisions about your educational journey at AAU.