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The Lennon Wall Journalism Scholarship

The Lennon Wall Journalism Scholarship is awarded to the most committed journalism students for their contributions to the 鶹student newspaper Lennon Wall.


For each academic year, the scholarship covers tuition for four of the Journalism Program’s core courses, including but not limited to: Reporting I & II, Media in a Democracy, Digital Tools for New Media, Visual Culture, and Popular Culture & Media Theory.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates for this scholarship must be currently enrolled in or have successfully completed the courses Reporting I and Reporting II, and the scholarship may be divided between several students. Candidates are identified most importantly by:

  • The quality of their articles in the Lennon Wall
  • Contributions to Lennon Wall management, photography, proofreading, graphic design, social media, and website

Application and Selection Process

The scholarship must be applied for in writing and the application submitted to the Dean of the School of Journalism, Media and Visual Arts by May 31st preceding the relevant academic year. Recipients are chosen by the dean, editor-in-chief, and School of Journalism faculty.

The scholarship will be awarded separately each year for the period of:

  • January – June
  • September – December

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