Exhibition of Final Art Studio Projects

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鶹Art Studios (room 1.31)

An exhibition of final art studio projects by four visual arts students will be held on May 23. 2024, at 5 pm, in 鶹art studios (room 1.31). Here is how each artist describes his or her project:

Anna Cook

I was taught on Sunday’s to not cling to the Earth or to worldly possessions. Yet, I also think it is crucial that we protect the Earth. This final art project explores the Book of Revelation, the last in the Bible, where Armageddon and the ultimate destruction of the Earth is prophesied. Chapter eight of Revelation begins with the first trumpet’s sound, where “hail and fire mixed with blood” is hurled to Earth, burning up one third of the trees and all of the grass. This prophecy of environmental destruction, Armageddon, inspired seven artworks which do not aim to be a literal interpretation of Revelation, but rather a way to cope with the conflicting feelings that come with my own belief system. Many Christians feel that the Second Coming will precede environmental catastrophe, making the fight for environmental justice more difficult. Assuming one will be saved from the torturous end as described in the Bible could lead one to be apathetic about the state of the world today, and this is a concern which served as the primary inspiration for my project.

Helana Shoushanian

Born and raised in Egypt with a rich heritage of Armenian and Filipino descent, I have always found myself at the intersection of diverse cultures, traditions, and artistic expressions. My journey as an artist has been deeply influenced by this unique blend of perspectives, which has continually shaped my approach to art, fashion and life. The creation of the “Beyond Waste” exhibition is a culmination of my lifelong passion for sustainable practices, a reflection of my dedication to transforming waste into wearable art, and an exploration of the processes that drive my creative spirit. As an artist, I am in love with the process of creation—each piece of art I produce is a testament to a meticulous journey of transforming everyday materials into expressions of wearable beauty. The “Beyond Waste” exhibition is not merely a showcase of sustainable fashion; it is an artistic manifesto that challenges and redefines the boundaries of eco-friendly design. By using upcycled materials and innovative textile techniques, I aim to demonstrate that what is often discarded can indeed be transformed into something of greater value and aesthetic appeal.

Joshua Schultz

I’m an American artist who creates paintings and sculptures based on Jungian active imagination and dream visions. My paintings depict reoccurring dreams and experiences from deployments to Iraq—Images of soldiers and battle experiences have influenced my worldview. My paintings explore dreams, realities, memories, and existence. I want my images to integrate, clarify, and assist me in comprehending conflict.

Marina Grichshenko

I am an artist liaison and have been living in Prague for the past eleven years, working at the intersection of tech and art. Throughout my life journey, I’ve had the privilege of working and collaborating with a diverse array of artists and creative people, which has deeply influenced my perceptions. For this final exhibition, I decided to explore topics that are very personal to me, such as gender fluidity and sexuality, as well as accepting one’s inner self and empowering and celebrating personal preferences while not being afraid of judgment and prejudice. I use very personal materials, placing meaningful coordinates on the back of one of the two works, and I’m exploring my own experiences through these works. I want to to shed light on the importance of embracing individuality and finding strength in one’s identity and sexuality. My goal is to inspire viewers to accept their inner selves and empower them to celebrate their preferences without fear of prejudice or judgment.