Solving Happiness: a Talk and Q & A with Sudhakar Dass

Lecture with aau - wed 22 may-16.9


A talk and Q & A will be held with Sudhakar Dass on May 22, from 6:30 pm to 8 pm, sharing the philosophy of Vedanta—the ancient philosophy of India—to unearth the true source of lasting bliss and provide practical advice on how to attain it. Learn more.

The Speaker

Sudhakar hails from a distinguished business family in Durban, South Africa. From an early age, his interest in philosophy grew to overshadow his academic accolades including a scholarship to the University of Cape Town and recognition as national debating champion. He has degrees in English Literature and Vedanta philosophy and has been studying and sharing the development of the human intellect for over two decades. Sudhakar is a resource of the Vedanta Academy India, regularly addressing premier companies, universities and organizations worldwide. Some of these include Xaviers University, University of Cape Town, Deloitte, Davita, White & Case, Exponea, YPO and EO. He may be reached at