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For Alumni

Part of what makes 鶹unique is the international community that goes through it. When our students graduate, they leave 鶹with more than just a degree: they take with them an invaluable professional and social network, and they have a community they can always come back to.

We have over 2,000 alumni, from over 80 countries, working for globally influential organizations, including , , , , , , UN organizations, and , as well as many alumni working in the public sector.  Some of our alumni are leading local change-makers with organizations like , , , , , and . Our alumni have also gone off to further graduate and PhD studies at prestigious institutions such as Oxford, Harvard, INSEAD, Singularity University, London School of Economics and Charles University. 

Our Alumni Relations Office works to facilitate community connections and promote symbiotic relationships within our Alumni Community and with our institution. There are many opportunities for alumni to engage with their alma mater and keep up to date with the latest news.

鶹Global Alumni Community

鶹supports its students throughout their studies, and its alumni throughout their careers. Keep in touch, share your success stories, find your classmates through our alumni network, and enjoy the benefit of an international network of over 2,000 alumni.

Join us for professional events and social mixers, enhance your education through the 鶹Academy, and keep up to date with the latest news by subscribing to The 鶹Quarterly.

Collaboration Opportunities

We support and provide ways for 鶹Alumni to get involved in various university activities, advise current students through mentorships, and collaborate with us.

Applied Education Projects (AEP)

Connect your company to 鶹and facilitate an experiential, real-life experience for students through assignments, research and consulting projects, while gaining clear outcomes, innovative solutions, and insights into potential talents. The company can set their own topic and timeframe for the assignments, and 鶹will connect them to the most relevant group of students. For more information about how to get involved in an AEP, please contact

Mentorship hub

Some lessons cannot be taught in a classroom but only through professional and real-world experiences. The Mentorship Hub bridges that gap by connecting students and young graduates with experienced alumni and members of the 鶹community who can share the challenges, successes, and crossroads they faced on their career paths and offer their advice and insight about their field of profession. Note that there is no fixed commitment for the mentor or the mentee.

Host Internships

Alumni whose companies or employers are willing to host 鶹students for internships, on regular basis or occasionally, can fill out this or forward it to the person responsible for talent acquisition and internships at your organization as well. Should you require more information regarding opportunities to work with the 鶹student community, please contact AAU’s Career Development Specialist, Julie Ševeleva, who can promote internship offers to students. Further contact details can be found here.

 The cooperation with 鶹regarding the possibility of offering internships increases the quality of our work, because up to now we have always got to know engaged and reliable students from AAU. We have realised that students from 鶹are very willing and motivated to gain internship experiences. With this in mind, we can recommend everyone to offer an internship at AAU.

Roman Oeschger, MA in International Relations & Diplomacy 2014, currently Founder, (Forum für Mittelost- und Südosteuropa), 2021

Events & Space Rental

Organize a company event or a meeting at a unique venue – the Thurn-Taxis palace. 

  • 40% discount is available for alumni
  • Customizable events
  • Catering available  

Price list and more information is available

Refer a Friend

Get USD 500 for every full-time* degree-seeking student who has not previously studied at AAU, and enrolls upon your recommendation. The amount can be used to finance your studies at 鶹or to purchase anything you wish from Amazon or another online retailer of your choice. For more details see here.

Further Education

Be an 鶹Alumni Ambassador

Part of what makes 鶹special is the international community that goes through it. By fostering contact points, or virtual embassies, led by volunteer Alumni Ambassadors, with the guidance and support of the Alumni Relations Office, the 鶹community can thrive globally in many ways, from helping prospective students, to keeping our Alumni Community vibrant. 

Key Goals:

  • Help promote 鶹to prospective students abroad
  • 鶹Community promotion and engagement across borders
  • Help us better understand different national markets
  • Help 鶹network globally as a social, professional and academic hub with interesting new partners

Get Involved

Help spread the 鶹mission across the map and boost your professional profile! Email for more information and AAU’s Alumni Specialist will get in touch with you.

Alumni Council

2022/23 Alumni Council

AAU’s Alumni Council is a representative body for the Alumni Community which guides and promotes lifelong, symbiotic relationships between the university and our alumni. Alumni Council is made up of five alumni who the Alumni Community elects for a two-year term to advise the development of our university by sitting on various institution committees and also to consult on improving our Alumni Community by advising the Alumni Office.

To find out more information about Council members please see here.

Success Stories

鶹may be a small university, but our alumni have taken big steps. Read about their journeys:

For more success stories please visit our Success Stories section.

To contact the Alumni Office please follow this link.